Site Rules

* Please Read it Carefully

1. Respect the Admin and Moderators for they are the authorities in this site and reserve the right to ban, unban, trash, or penalize site members with or without prior notice or warnings.

[Impoliteness toward staffs.
---This is when someone impolitely argues against any of the forum staffs (PinoyWap Staff, Administrators and Moderators, Quiz Master). An example would be: "How dare you lock that thread you stupid moderator!" However, saying something like "Could you please unlock my thread because I feel there was in need for it to be locked" would be perfectly fine and could be considered and be re-reviewed by the moderator.

---If at anytime you have reasons to question the actions of a moderator, you should PM the Moderator first, and if your issue still cannot be resolved, then you can send the Administrator a Private Message.]

2. Respect other members. We do not tolerate discrimination, cyber bullying or threats to other members of this site. (includes editing of someone else's picture to be other people's laughing stock.)

3. Any form of site advertising is not allowed.

4. Your account is your sole responsibility, so do not give your password to anyone. Staff members will not handle any case of stolen plusses or accounts..Please note that Staff members will NEVER ask for your passwords.

5. Chat posts, Forum posts or shoutbox posts containing foul, obscene, and offensive words or phrases is strictly prohibited. (includes disguised foul, obscene, and offensive words or phrases )

6. Vulgar words and adult-oriented smileys are ONLY allowed in our Adult forums/chatrooms.

7. Usernames composed with foul, obscene, offensive, and degrading words is not allowed and will be banned permanently or be deleted.

8. No flooding/Spamming on ANY part of this site.

9. Trade ur plusses and/or any valuable items at your own risk. Site Staffs are not liable for failure on your transactions. We will not handle any scam case.

10. Games organized by users are not staffs' responsibility if failure to award prizes occurs. you may join at your own risk.

11. The administration of this site reserves the right to modify rules without prior notice.
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