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BBcodes List and Usage

BBcodes are only allowed to use in Forums and Freedom Wall

[br] - add new line
example: Text1[br]Text2
output: Text1
[color=any rgb/hex/colorname]text[/color] - add color to a text
example: [color=red]This is color red[/color]
output: This is color red
[b]text[/b] - create bold text
example: [b]This is bold text[/b]
output: This is bold text
[i]text[/i] - create italic text
example: [i]This is italic text[/i]
output: This is italic text
[u]text[/u] - create underlined text
example: [u]This is undelined text[/u]
output: This is undelined text
[code=php|html|css|js|etc]text[/b] - highlight string based on programming language
example: [code=php]This text will be highlighted in PHP format[/code]
echo "This is a PHP line"

[img]photo id[/img] - screenshots of photos
example: [img]16[/img]
[url]Website Link[/url] - create link
example: [url]https://facebook.com[/url]
output: https://facebook.com
[url]Website Link[/url] - create link with text
example: [url=https://facebook.com]FACEBOOK[/url]
output: FACEBOOK
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